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There’s 2 configuration files found on every Linux distribution: /boot/grub/menu.lst defines your boot menu, while /etc/fstab defines the mount options of devices and filesystems.

It’s not very often that I need to change these files, and I’ve become fairly familiar with them in the process, but it would still be much easier if there was a GUI editor for them, instead of the simple text editor.

For grub, I found GrubConf, which was “retired” in 2005 in favor of GnomeSystemTools, which however doesn’t seem to include a grub menu editor :-$ (apart from changing the splash screen). There’s a project called EasyGrubEditor in Launchpad. Then there’s GriME, which does more or less the same simple things as GnomeSystemTools (and probably that’s why it seems inactive since 2005). Finally, I looked at QGrubEditor, which is the only one that seems to do a thorough job.

I might be wrong, but I found no GUI fstab editor, just many forum threads all agreeing that there should be one…

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Written by azimout

18/12/2007 at 18:17

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