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video files previews in nautilus

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Until recently, I had 3 media players on my box: mplayer, totem and vlc. I recently made the decision to keep only vlc (for simplicity), so i removed the other two:

sudo aptitude remove totem-xine mplayer mplayer-fonts mozilla-mplayer

The only problem I discovered (after several days) is that nautilus doesn’t preview video files any more. These thumbnails are stored under ~/.thumbnails (du gave me 49MBytes for this folder!). Running the gconf-editor, under desktop>gnome>thumbnailers I verify that nautilus uses /usr/bin/gnome-video-thumbnailer for this job. nautilus-file-management-properties didn’t help, although I found some other useful settings…

By the way, if you want to see what you’ve done with aptitude: cat /var/log/aptitude or to see all your commands: history.

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Written by azimout

09/01/2008 at 16:33

Posted in Tricks

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