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I couldn’t wait, this morning I upgraded to Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 beta. It took over an hour on a dual core with 2Gigs of Ram, so I cannot imagine how long it will take on my eeePc (on that one I’ll wait till 24/04, since it’s now my girlfriend’s and I don’t want to mess too much with it). So far I’m loving it. I will not write about the usual stuff that has been said 1000 times (new gnome, new firefox, new openoffice, pulseaudio etc).

I had to re-install some things that were removed (ubuntu-tweak, wicd) and remove other that i had removed but was re-installed (evolution, ekiga, rhythmbox, sound-juicer) and clean up a seriously messed up grub menu.lst…

One thing that stopped working was deleting to the trash can from a terminal. I had alias rm=’mv -t ~/.Trash’ in my .bashrc, but with the new gvfs there’s no more .Trash folder… After a bit of searching around, I installed gvfs-bin and changed my alias to rm=’gvfs-trash’


Written by azimout

09/04/2008 at 13:33

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  1. Another temporary problem: some of the firefox addons i use are not yet available for firefox 3: foxmarks & google gears. Come on, people…


    14/04/2008 at 08:43

  2. What’s new:
    They updated some of the infrastructure (pulseaudio, gvfs, kernel 2.6.24)
    They updated some apps (firefox 3, openoffice 2.4, gnome 2.22)
    They replaced some apps with better ones (tsclient->vinagre, bittorrent->transmission, serpentine->brasero)


    28/04/2008 at 10:16

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