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fslint & autofsck

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I installed two very useful packages on my system this week:

  1. AutoFsck does something that (IMHO) the system should be doing by default. Any ext2/3/4 filesystem will self-check when mounting for the x’ time, where x depends on the partition size. Since the partition is usually mounted automatically at boot time by being included in /etc/fstab, this will result in the user waiting for 5 minutes (sometimes more) for the partition to check… This can be frustrating, if you have something urgent to do (or welcome, if you just came into the office :-). AutoFsck avoids this, by doing this check on shutdown instead. Of course, you don’t avoid the wait if you’re restarting…
  2. FsLint scans your system for lint, and helps you clean it up. So far I’ve used it to check for duplicate files (by file type and size) in specific directories, but it does more than that…

You have to download AutoFsck from sourceforge. FsLint is included in the universe repository since Feisty (7.04)


Written by azimout

17/07/2008 at 15:45

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