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I have the Nokia N73, and I bought a service from Vodafone Italia that offers me unlimited UMTS on the phone (cannot be used as a modem, though, or they charge you extra) for €2 per week.

So I went to and installed the gmail, maps and search apps. Then, several websites have specialized versions for wap devices: wikipedia (which sucks, but there are other options), picasa, google reader, gmail (but the java app is better), google calendar, google search (but the java app is better), facebook, accuweather, youtube. The best wap proxy for wikipedia turned out to be But the best solution is the Opera Mini, which for me has the added bonus of remembering usernames & passwords!

A good site:

I installed Theme DIY by Zensis, which made the colours of the GUI awesome, plus it allowed me to set a full-screen wallpaper!


By typing *#0000# (as described here: you get the “device software version”. I got:

v 3.0638.0.0.1
Nokia N73 (C6.01)

My product code (under the battery) is 0543836. With this, I found out that the latest software is version 4.0812.4.0.1. However, you cannot update without the “Nokia Software Updater”, which of course is Windows only…

The updates warnes that all data on the device will be lost after the firmware update. Things to backup:

  1. contacts
  2. sms
  3. installed programs (opera mini, solvoed, google maps, gmail, y-browser, theme diy, m-sudoku)
  4. themes
  5. just to be safe, i removed my memory card (photos, mp3, documents, etc)

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22/07/2008 at 19:12

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