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dpkg-divert is the utility used to set up and update the list of diversions.

File  diversions are a way of forcing dpkg(1) not to install a file into its location, but
to a diverted location. Diversions can be used through the Debian package scripts to  move
a  file  away when it causes a conflict. System administrators can also use it to override
some package’s configuration file, or whenever some files (which aren’t marked  as  ’conf‐
files’)  need  to be preserved by dpkg, when installing a newer version of a package which
contains those files.

File which contains the current list of diversions of the system. It is located  in
the  dpkg  administration directory, along with other files important to dpkg, such
as status or available.
Note: dpkg-divert preserves the old copy of this file, with extension -old,  before
replacing it with the new one.


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06/09/2008 at 13:08

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