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grub problems are nasty, because you don’t have a system to do a google search for your problem. here’s what i’ve learned so far.

  • grub-install installs grub on the drive you choose
  • update-grub creates the menu.lst file

there’s 3 ways to name a partition:

  1. bios gives you (hdx,y) type of names, like (hd0,3)
  2. udev gives you /dev/sdxy type of names, like /dev/sda1
  3. each partition has a uuid

under /dev/disk/by-uuid you can find softlinks from uuids to udev names. it’s best to use uuids in your /etc/fstab, because udev names change if you plug in or remove devices.

the problem with grub is that it needs uuids and bios names (bios names for the “root” line and uuids for the “kernel” line). to find the bios name of a device, do sudo grub, and then ask it to find /boot/grub/stage1.

then install grub in the partition’s boot record and on the disk’s master boot record, like this:

  • root (hdx,y)
  • setup (hdx)

Written by azimout

03/10/2008 at 21:29

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