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the decision by ubuntu not to include oo.o3 in 8.10 has caused a huge flamewar and several people to question the usefulness of upgrading to 8.10. i agree that 8.10 is mostly an evolutionary upgrade (but which one wasn’t?). here are some interesting new features:

  1. gnome 2.24, which has tabbed nautilus
  2. better multiple screen support (leading to the removal of displayconf-gtk)
  3. xorg 7.4, which works mostly without an xorg.conf file
  4. 2.6.27, useful for latest netbooks etc
  5. dkms, good for 3rd-party drivers
  6. grub with last-good-boot
  7. more policykit, which is better than (gk)sudo
  8. network-manager 0.7, good for 3g modems
  9. a guest account and a merged shutdown/fast-user-switch applet
  10. system-cleaner, removing cruft left over from upgrades
  11. usb-creator, which should eventually replace unetbootin
  12. an encrypted private directory (using ecryptfs)

Written by azimout

20/10/2008 at 13:37

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