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skype replacement

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skype is closed-source and closed-protocol, which led me to a search for replacement.

the main services skype offers are:

  • chat with other skype users
  • skype-to-skype free voice/video calls
  • skype-to-phone cheap calls (SkypeOut)
  • a virtual fixed phone number (SkypeIn)
  • SMS sending (not yet on Linux)

the most obvious alternative is ekiga, available for Linux & Windows. from the above services:

  • chat is not important (i mainly use google talk)
  • skype-to-skype calls could be replaced by ekiga-to-ekiga calls (ekiga exists also for windows)
  • skype-to-phone can be replaced by ekiga-to-phone ( account)
  • i don’t use SkypeIn, but it can be replaced by DID (Direct Inward Dialing). actually, skypein does not include italian numbers, while does
  • ekiga can send sms through SMS


then, there’s also gizmo5, which is also closed-source, but at least open-protocol

Brief price comparison (all prices are €/minute, VAT included):
A) with Skype:

  • fixed Italy = 0.02
  • mobile Italy = 0.287
  • fixed Greece = 0.02
  • mobile Greece = 0.215

B) with

  • fixed Italy = 0.016
  • mobile Italy = 0.14
  • SMS Italy = 0.062 (Wind), 0.072 (Vodafone/TIM)
  • fixed Greece = 0.019
  • mobile Greece = 0.193
  • SMS Greece = 0.043 (Vodafone/TIM), 0.048 (Cosmote)

C) with Vodafone Tutti:

  • fixed/mobile Italy = 0.12 (+ 0.16 per call)
  • SMS Italy = 0.15
  • SMS Greece = 0.30

Written by azimout

24/12/2008 at 15:25

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