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ext4 is finally stable in 2.6.28 (first merged in 2.6.19), so I thought I’d read a bit more about it. If I had to sum-up everything in one word, then that word would be: FASTER!

Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • many features to fight fs-fragmentation: extents, delayed allocation, multi-block allocation, and an actual e4defrag command
  • (irrelevant for desktop users) it allows for >32k subdirectories, <=1 exabyte (1 million terabytes) volumes, and <=16 terabyte files
  • faster fs-checking, through a list of unused inodes which don’t need to be checked
  • finer timestamps (previous accuracy was 1 second)
  • journal check-summing (adds reliability and speeds-up commits)

Some remarks:

  • Upgrading from ext3 to ext4 is easy, but only new data will use the new data structures
  • Fedora11’s installer will use ext4 as the default fs, while Ubuntu9.04 will be more conservative and provide it as an option, while using ext3 as the default
  • grub cannot (yet) read ex4 (but there are 2 different efforts underway to change that), so if you wanna make / be ext4, you need a separate ext3 /boot partition



Written by azimout

26/01/2009 at 22:04

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