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cjk font support in evince/poppler

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CJK stands for Chinese-Japanese-Korean.

A pdf file with japanese characters opens in evince without a problem, as long as the fonts are embedded into the pdf. However, if the fonts are not embedded, then the file opens WITHOUT any warnings, and without displaying the japanese text.

I discovered this while triaging ubuntu bug #269243, which is a duplicate of ubuntu bug #197537, which is reported upstream as debian bug #500132 and as freedesktop bug #7093.

The proposal I made in all 3 bugtrackers was for evince to display a warning like “CJK font support is included in the non-free package poppler-data, which is currently not installed on your system” in these cases.

Note also that for xpdf-reader, this is solved by installing xpdf-japanese, not poppler-data…


Written by azimout

27/01/2009 at 14:04

Posted in Problems

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