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To share a folder between Ubuntu machines on a LAN, right click on the folder you want to share in nautilus and select “sharing options”. First it will ask you to install the related service. Synaptic will install the packages samba and libpam-smbpass (synaptic’s log file is /var/log/apt/term.log).

Note 1: I don’t know why Ubuntu defaults to the SMB protocol instead of NFS

Then you get a very basic options window, which allows you to select the share name, whether people can write to the folder, and whether you want to allow guest access.

Note 2: even after that, if you run shares-admin, you don’t see your shared folder :-/

The problem with the manual at is that it assumes you want to share from Ubuntu to Windows, and not among Ubuntu machines (come on, guys!).

Anyways, on the other machine, you select File – Connect to server in Nautilus, then

  • Type = Windows share (since we’re doing SMB)
  • Server = the IP address (have to look into using hostnames)
  • Share = the name of your share
  • Folder = empty
  • User Name = username (in my case the user is my girlfriend, who has an account with the same username and password on both machines)
  • Domain Name = empty

You get a second window, asking you to authenticate yourself.

  • Domain will default to “WORKGROUP”, leave it like this
  • Password = the user’s password on the sharing host

Note 3: You need to log in once with the account in question on the sharing machine, after installing samba. My guess is that it needs to set up something before you can remotely view shares with this account…



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31/01/2009 at 18:04

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