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A friend gave me an old laptop of his to fix. He used to have WindowsXP, but the inevitable antivirus would make the system unusably slow. So he installed OpenSuse with Xfce. The livecd and installation went fine, but after rebooting he ran into X issues: he could only boot into failsafe mode. This adds the following kernel parameters:

x11failsafe processor.max_cstate=1 highres=off nohz=off powersaved=off edd=off maxcpus=0 nosmp noresume apm=off ide=nodma

Both in normal and failsafe mode, opensuse passes vga=0x317 to the kernel, which is 1280×1024, and it seems to work fine!

I had a spare Xubuntu 8.04.1 livecd, which couldn’t boot without the x11failsafe parameter, and even then I got (EE) CHROME(0): No valid modes found, which is ubuntu bug #293326.

It also throws a gdk_is_screen failed error, before dropping me to the tty, and I also see some fd0 errors, even though the machine has no floppy drive.

For reference, this is an ECS G320, with a Via Nehemiah Cpu, 256MB Ram, 20GB Hdd, VT8233 (AC97) audio, and VT6102 Ethernet.

The problematic graphics is a VT8623 (Apollo CLE266) [1106:3122]. The driver should be OpenChrome. Someone suggested adding “Option NoAccel” to the “Device” section of xorg.conf.

The next day I tried Xubuntu 8.10 (alternate cd) and even that installer (curses-based) gave me a corrupt screen, until I added the vga=0x317 kernel parameter…

After the installation I had the same problems described above. The solution was to create a non-empty xorg.conf file, as described in the ubuntu bug above.

Problem solved…


Written by azimout

09/02/2009 at 00:21

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