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This article (from last year) lists 8 Twitter clients for Ubuntu.

Of these 8 apps, 1 is based on Mono/C# (gTwitter) and 3 are based on Adobe AIR (Spaz, Twhirl, Alert Thingy), so these were automatically disqualified for me. Then there was the terminal interface (come on!), the Gnome Deskbar (I’m on LXDE, but didn’t use the deskbar even on Gnome) and TwitterFox (I don’t want to rely on Ffox).

Which leaves me with good-ole Twitux.

Update 17.02.2009:

Twitux has a couple of problems:

  1. I cannot click on URLs in my friends’ tweets
  2. Even though it seems to update fine, it was giving me an “http communications error” message in the status bar
  3. There’s no “right click on panel icon -> quit”, to close it I had to open the main window and press ctrl+q
  4. It’s a separate app, when I have merged everything (except skype) into pidgin

So then I found this article on, which mentions some of the usual suspects (twitux, gtwitter, spaz) and some new and interesting ones: pwytter (cross-platform, python-based) and the mbpurple plugin for pidgin. I am currently trying out mbpurple…

Update 06.08.2010:

The issue has been resolved with the inclusion of Gwibber.


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16/02/2009 at 15:13

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