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logging the boot process

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Such a basic issue is still a mess in latest Ubuntu (and not only there, it seems). First, an introduction!

Ubuntu wrote the upstart package to replace sysvinit since 6.10. Here’s the related blueprint on the wiki, and here’s the related project page. It’s also used by Fedora since F9. Quoting:

Ubuntu started using the Upstart init daemon in Feisty. Between the Feisty and Gutsy+2 releases, Ubuntu will move away from the SysVinit setup and toward the cleaner, more flexible Upstart setup. As more system services are put under the control of Upstart, entries in the /etc/event.d directory will replace the contents of the /etc/init.d and /etc/rc?.d directories. Runlevels will no longer be a formal feature of Ubuntu, although they will be maintained for compatibility with third-party software. Eventually Upstart will also replace crond.

This does not seem to have happened yet, in latest Jaunty (6 released later)!!

Concerning the logging of the boot process, there’s 4 log daemons:

  • /sbin/syslogd, the “Linux System Logging Utilities”, started at S10 and stopped at K90. Its configuration file is /etc/syslog.conf, and it writes to multiple log files under /var/log, as described in the conf file
  • /sbin/klogd, the “Kernel Log Daemon”, started at S11 and stopped at K89. Its configuration file is /etc/default/klogd, and it writes to the pipe /var/run/klogd/kmsg. It uses the file to decode kernel symbols
  • /sbin/bootlogd, which does not actually exist (any more), even though initscripts still installs the related files under /etc/init.d, as well as /etc/default/bootlogd. The /var/log/boot (bootlogd’s output) file exists, but is empty. Related item on wiki
  • /sbin/logd, the “Job Output Logging Daemon”, started by /etc/event.d/logd. Related bug: #98955

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11/03/2009 at 15:14

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