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i’ve been using jaunty alpha 5 for 2 weeks now without any problems.

here’s a list of new features/improvements:

  1. linux 2.6.28: better hardware support (especially for netbooks), more stuff compiled in (instead of modules) for faster boot times
  2. gnome 2.25: new gdm (login screen), the notify-osd, new totem & brasero, ekiga 3.0, new evince (progress bars, etc), new gedit (full screen), better fprint support
  3. xserver-xorg-core 1.6, which should fix the dpi issue i mentioned here
  4. 3.0 (finally)
  5. ext4 support
  6. an ARMv7 port

Of course, new upstream versions for thousands of little pieces of software will fix many bugs and provide many nice little features, too…



Written by azimout

16/03/2009 at 14:30

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