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I upgraded my girlfriend’s Asus EeePC 701 yesterday, from Intrepid to Jaunty.

  1. For some reason, freeing the required space necessary for the upgrade has been a PITA. I removed unwanted packages (this was not useless, in fact), old kernels, the package cache, Firefox’s cache. In the end, I had to remove OpenOffice, too!
  2. After the upgrade completed and I rebooted, for some reason it could no longer see the SD card in the slot. I didn’t even get messages on dmesg when inserting/removing the card. After some poking around, I found out it didn’t automatically load the usb-storage kernel module any more (even though I couldn’t find it in any blacklist).

The good news is that, apart from 9.04 being prettier than 8.10 (very important for a girl 🙂 ), the boot time went down from 44” to 20” !!! Good work, Ubuntu!


Written by azimout

28/04/2009 at 09:53

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