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Why Linux is more secure than Windows

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I had a discussion today with a colleague who maintains that a Linux computer is not inherently more secure than a Windows one. He did not deny the fact that it’s more secure than Windows (although I have to admit that I did make a foul of myself by claiming there is no malware for Linux, which he proved to me is wrong).

From his point of view, Linux computers get infected less for 3 reasons:

  1. Linux has less market share, thus people are less interested in writing malware for it,
  2. Linux has more educated users, thus less likely to do silly things like run an executable attachment from someone they don’t know, and
  3. Linux has a richer ecosystem (processor architectures, shells, mail clients, browsers, etc), thus a successful virus would still infect only a portion of the Linux ecosystem

I agreed with him that in fact it’s not impossible to create a virus that -when executed- installs itself in the user’s home directory, maybe deletes some of his/her files, adds itself to the startup list and sends itself to all the contacts in his/her address book.

Although I admit I did learn from the discussion, and it did get me to thinking (which is always good), I was not convinced, so I decided to read.



Written by azimout

09/09/2009 at 13:16

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