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I’m slightly late, but have been very busy in the last few weeks: getting married, founding a LUG, organising a workshop, etc

So, here are the main points of what was decided at UDS-L in Dallas, TX on 16-20.11.2009, regarding what will change in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04:

  1. The GIMP is out of the default seed, replaced by F-Spot (already included)
    The main reason is to free disk space on the LiveCD, but also because it was too complicated for beginners, and too slow and heavy. Removing GIMP on my machine freed up 76MB! And you can always install it afterwards, if you can’t do without it.
    Two alternatives were briefly considered: Shotwell (not even included in the default repos) and gThumb (moved from main to universe due to slow upstream development). EOG is kept as the default lightweight image viewer.
  2. Usplash is replaced by Plymouth, already used by Fedora and part of the project. I know Intel will insist that all this is futile and efforts would be better spent on minimizing the boot time to just a few seconds, so no xsplash/usplash/plymouth is necessary! Though I must admit several actions in that direction are planned!
  3. PiTiVi is now included in the default seed
  4. The “100 papercuts” project will be continued
  5. Ubuntu One Music Store!!!
  6. The LPIA (Intel Atom) architecture is dropped

I will update this over time as I discover more…



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03/12/2009 at 23:43

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