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IPv6 to track down copyright violations?

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The film & music industries have little fantasy, arguing with ISPs about illegal file sharing, who’s responsible etc.

They could simply
1) push for universal IPv6 adoption, thus eliminating the problem of matching IP addresses to computers;
2) then just ask the ISP (with a judge’s warrant) to reveal the location of the computer;
3) seize the offending computer;
4) finally, see which user created the illegally shared file!

I have to admit I can see a few problems with this approach, but nothing that a lot of money can’t solve:
a. Downloading is not (yet) illegal, sharing is. So what if the user who downloaded a file is not the same one that shared it?
b. What about mobile users? Their (our) numbers are increasing!
c. If IPv6 addresses are assigned (sold?) to single, identifiable users, would that partially elliminate step 2 and issue b. above?
d. What if IPv6 spoofing became technically possible?


Written by azimout

17/12/2009 at 12:58

Posted in Opinion

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