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There’s a project trying to improve the performance of

I found this while trying to find the cause of an issue I have: with OpenOffice 3.2, everytime I open a spreadsheet, after the splash screen completes, it waits for approx. 20 seconds doing nothing (no cpu or disk activity) and then opens the file. That happens even after closing and reopening the same file.

Opening just Calc (w/o a file) is very fast (~1 sec). If I then tell it to open a file, it hangs for 20 seconds like before. Removing the ~/ folder doesn’t help. Disabling Java in OO.o doesn’t help. Whether the file is .xls or .ods makes no difference. The same issue is present for .doc files

Using strace I found that it seems the call that make OO.o hang is the call to /bin/domainname


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02/04/2010 at 12:07

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