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GMail applet for Gnome

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Here’s a comparison of applets that will check your Gmail account(s) and notify you when you’ve got mail:

  • Gnome Gmail Notifier:
    ++ it can handle multiple accounts and can play a sound (.wav) when you’ve got mail
    ii GPL2, written in C
  • CheckGmail:
    stuck at version 1.13 since 01.2008, the icon is non-transparent (so looks ugly if your panel isn’t the typical light-grey), can handle only one account
    ++ you can run a custom command on new mail, has a slightly more advanced context menu than Gnome Gmail Notifier
    ii GPL2, written in Perl.
  • Gmail Notify:
    stuck at version 1.6.1 since 10.2007, doesn’t seem to work for me (fails to connect)
    ii GPL2, written in Python.
  • Mail Notification:
    stuck at version 5.4 since 05.2008, can’t see notification icon, can’t handle SSL for licensing reasons
    ++ can handle multiple account types (POP3, IMAP, etc)
    ii GPL3, written in C

Written by azimout

19/06/2010 at 14:51

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