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I like to switch back and forth between Firefox and Chromium every few weeks, just to stay on top of things and keep sharp. So today I’m switching (again) from Firefox 3.6.8 to Chromium 5.0.375.125 (seriously? you need a 4th minor number for your versioning?). Here’s what it’s like:

  • As always, I love Chromium’s speed. Maybe Firefox could learn a few tricks? That’s the open-source spirit!
  • I use a 4×4 speeddial in Firefox. Chromium’s is fixed 2×4, which is not enough for me. Luckily there’s an equivalent speed dial for Chromium
  • Opening .pdf files with Evince works fine now (it used to open a blank tab the last time I tried Chromium)
  • I add a few buttons to the bar: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Shareaholic
  • Things like GreaseMonkey and DownloadStatusBar are built-in
  • I miss things like Context Search, gTranslate and ImageZoom (yes, there’s Context Search, but it hardly gets the job done, as you have to re-add your search engines)
  • Page Info in Chromium is a joke, compared to the rich experience provided by Firefox

A couple of useful sites:


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05/08/2010 at 13:26

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