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Upgrading Fedora

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I had a Fedora13 virtual machine (KVM) just for fun and testing, and decided to upgrade to the newly released Fedora14. I discovered another reason why users prefer Ubuntu; here’s how it went:

  • First of all, unlike Ubuntu’s Update Manager, Fedora doesn’t notify you in any way that there’s a new release and you might want to upgrade.
  • Even if you do hear about it and decide to go ahead, there’s no trivial way to do it: you actually have to go and install PreUpgrade, which allows you (more-or-less) to do what they call a “live upgrade”, i.e. it does it’s stuff while you continue using the system, then you reboot and voila!, you are running the new version.
  • Instead, the recommended way of doing this apparently is by downloading the latest DVD and jumping through a lot of hoops!
  • Even with PreUpgrade things aren’t as easy as with Ubuntu: while it downloads everything in the background, the installation part is done after the reboot, which means you can’t use the system during this period..
  • Another thing missing: Ubuntu gives you rough estimates of the time remaining for the download and the installation processes.

Written by azimout

08/11/2010 at 23:18

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