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For a while I’ve been using Geany for coding: it’s lightweight, cross-platform and has all the features I want. However, I thought maybe a full-blown IDE could offer me things I’m missing out on, so I thought I’d give Eric a shot (, but I gave it up after 20 minutes. The obvious drawbacks:

  • heavier, slower to start, less responsive (Geany is written in C with GTK2, Eric is written in Python with QT4)
  • found no important features I was missing; yes, there’s integrated PyLint, PyEnchant, a debugger and some other stuff, but no biggies
  • it doesn’t show you the symbols list if you just open a single .py file, you need to make it a project
  • no support for Mercurial, only Subversion (they used to have it, then they dropped it)
  • stylistically, I like GTK better than QT. And the Eric icon/logo is just horrendous!

I might have missed more drawbacks, or there might be useful features I missed, but for now I’m sticking with Geany (


Written by azimout

31/03/2011 at 09:26

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