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Upgrade server vm using iso on host

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I use a couple of instances of Ubuntu Server under KVM/Qemu for testing and learning stuff. I wanted to upgrade them to 11.04, but avoid downloading all those packages over and over again. Here’s how to add the .iso file on the KVM host to the guest’s repositories:

  1. mount the host’s directory containing the .iso, like this: sudo sshfs username@kvm-host:/path/to/folder/containing/iso /local/mount/point -o allow_other
  2. mount the .iso to /media/cdrom (a different location won’t work) , like this: sudo mount -o loop /local/mount/point/ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso /media/cdrom
  3. add that folder to the repositories: sudo apt-cdrom -m -d=/media/cdrom add

Note: even though at first it will acknowledge the .iso’s existence, later it will ask you to “please insert the disc labeled blah blah blah”. So keep another ssh terminal open, you’ll need to mount the .iso once more.


Written by azimout

14/05/2011 at 21:47

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