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Win7 KVM guest maintainance

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I had some spare time yesterday, so I did a little bit of maintainance to my Win7 Ultimate virtual machine (on a KVM/Qemu host running Ubuntu 11.10):

  • Activated Windows so it would stop complaining
  • Installed a free antivirus (Avast)
  • Downloaded WSUS Offline and installed all updates
  • Installed Google Chrome
  • Installed the latest versions of Adobe Flash and Adobe Air
  • Changed the storage type from IDE to Virtio (much much faster!). It took some effort to get Red Hat’s virtio storage driver to work: in the end the problem was driver signing, and I needed to use the “Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider”. Plus I had to use Virtual CloneDrive in order to mount the .iso file with the drivers
  • Used WinDirStat to get a picture of disk usage, disabled the pagefile and hibernating to save space
  • Removed the (virtual) sound card, as it was messing with the host’s sound

Written by azimout

29/12/2011 at 08:17

Posted in Tricks

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