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Here is a step-by-step guide to install CyanogenMod (CM) 10.1 on your Galaxy SIII (i9300) from a Ubuntu 12.10 amd64 system. It adds some clarifications and some additional advice to the official guide on

It’s best to have a microSD card where you can put the image files and perform backups.


Before you start messing with your phone, download all the tools and images you need:

  • the Heimdall tool and the ClockworkMod Recovery .img file (CWM) that corresponds to your phone
  • the CM prebuilt release of your choice (.zip); I went with the latest CM 10.1 Nightly in order to have all the latest features
  • optional: the non-FOSS Google apps (Play Store, Maps, etc), as they are not included in the stock CyanogenMod ROM

Now put the CM and Google Apps images onto the microSD and plug it into your phone.

ClockworkMod Recovery

In this section you will replace Android’s default recovery mode with the ClockworkMod one, which has some additional features

To enter Download Mode, shut down your Galaxy and then press simultaneously the Power, Home and Volume Down buttons for 2-3 seconds; at the warning, press Volume Up to continue

  1. put your phone into Download Mode
  2. connect the phone via USB cable to your PC
  3. in a terminal on your PC, run: sudo heimdall flash --recovery <recovery file> --no-reboot

The heimdall tool should install the CWM recovery on your phone and then wait. If a blue progress bar appeared on your phone, proceed to the next section. Do not reboot your phone yet.

Install CyanogenMod

In this section you will backup your phone, wipe it and install CyanogenMod (CM) and the Google Apps.

To enter Recovery Mode, shut down your Galaxy and then press simultaneously the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons until you see the “Samsung Galaxy S III” logo; then release the Power button while still pressing the Home and Volume Up buttons

  1. reboot the phone into Recovery Mode (Attention! Don’t let your phone boot normally, or you’ll need to re-install CWM)
  2. move up and down in the menu with the volume keys and make a choice with the power button
  3. before you do anything else, perform a backup; it will backup your /boot, /recovery, /system, /data and /cache
  4. wipe the /data and /cache partitions
  5. choose “Install zip from sdcard”, then “choose zip from external sdcard” and choose first the CM image, then the Google Apps image
  6. reboot your phone by choosing “+++++Go Back+++++” and then “reboot system now”

Your phone should boot into the new operating system.

If you see the CyanogenMod logo rotate for more than 5′, something is wrong. Repeat the above steps

Once you connect with your Google account and open the Play Store, it should start downloading all the apps you had on Android. However, you will need to add all accounts once again.

Now that you have rooted your phone, you might want to install SuperUser and  Rom Manager.


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