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Migrating from one Google account to another

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Here’s the steps I followed and difficulties I recently encountered while migrating from one Google account to another:


You need to enable POP3 on the source account and then have the target account import them. This can take several hours days if (like me) you have accumulated many thousands of emails over several years. It will import all past email and then continue to import email arriving at the source account in the future.

One issue is that you lose the labels structure you had assigned to emails in the source Gmail account.

If you have enabled 2-step authentication on the source account (as you should), you’ll need to create an “application specific password” to give to the target Gmail account.

You’ll then have to change all your newsletter and mailing list subscriptions to point to the new address, and let all your contacts know that they should from now on contact you at your new address.


This one is totally straightforward; you export to a CSV file and import on the new account. All info is maintained, including groups.


Export all calendars into a ZIP file containing one iCal file per calendar. Create calendars on target account, import iCal files one-by one.

If you shared any of them with other users, you’ll need to share them again; in that case, tell the other users to remove the old instance of each shared calendar, otherwise they’ll see duplicate events.

If other users shared calendars with you, they’ll need to share them again.


Unfortunately, the only way seems to be to download everything, and then upload it again on the target account.


Profile: you’ll need to re-introduce this.

Photos: use Google Takeout to download them, then upload them again

Circles/People: Use Google Takeout, as described here

Posts: I haven’t found a way to migrate those.


Re-introduce your starred places manually.


Video Uploads: if you no longer have the originals, download each from Video Manager. Then upload each video anew.

Subscriptions: there seems to be no way to export your subscriptions. Just subscribe again, one-by-one.

Playlists, liked/favourite videos: Lists have to be public or unlisted, not private. Share them with yourself via email, then save them in your new profile.

Chrome Sync

Just sign out of the old account and sign into the new one. Bookmarks, passwords etc will remain in the browser when you sign out of the old account, and will then be imported into the new account when you sign into it.

Play Store

It is not possible to transfer purchased apps to another account.


You’ll need to reintroduce each note. You can email  to yourself the larger ones


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21/10/2014 at 18:05

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