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I got a Moto 360 for my birthday. Here’s my non-exhaustive review after wearing it for 2 days.

The display is gorgeous. The watch wakes up automatically when you turn it to look at it (excellent work on the 3D accelerometer), so IMHO the ambient mode is not really necessary. This way I charge it every night and end the day with 30-35% of battery left.

The step counter is pretty neat; it remains to be seen whether it will change my behaviour or not. The heart rate monitor can’t find my pulse half the time.

My phone sends me all sorts of notifications to the watch, like weather forecasts, emails, messages, etc. I can delete, archive, dismiss the notification. I can even try to answer by voice dictation, but it’s not yet accurate enough for that.

I can use it to control the music playback. I also get navigation instructions when navigating on the phone, which is not really useful in the car.

The voice search works pretty well, but half the time it claims to be offline, ie not connected to my phone. I still need to figure this one out.

I can use it to set a timer, start a stopwatch or set an alarm.

But the most useful feature for me is the reminders for upcoming appointments in my calendar.


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01/11/2014 at 11:23

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