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The most important commands to see what’s going on:

  • dmesg prints the latest kernel messages
  • lsmod gives you the modules currently loaded in the kernel
  • lspci -nn gives you a list of your system’s PCI devices, including vendor & device id
  • lsusb gives you a list of your system’s PCI devices
  • lshw -C disk gives you details on all the disk drives in the system
  • dmidecode gives you a human-readable dmi/smbios table
  • top gives you the running processes sorted by cpu usage (useful when things get slow)
  • modinfo <module> gives you info about a kernel module in your system
  • xev prints info on X events as they happen
  • nm-tool gives you a lot of info on your network interfaces
  • netstat --tcp --listening --program tells you which process is listening on a TCP port
  • blkid matches partitions to uuids
  • xdpyinfo provides info about your X configuration
  • dpkg -S <filepath> finds the package containing the given file
  • dpkg -L <package> lists the contents of a package
  • ldd <executable> (e.g. ldd /usr/bin/evince) gives you a list of all the shared libraries the program uses
  • id tells you your uid, gid and what groups you’re a member of
  • uname -a gives you details on the system that you’re running
  • date gives you the current date and time
  • uptime: 13:40:54 up 4:45, 2 users, load average: 0.51, 0.44, 0.38
  • free -mot gives you details about your memory usage
  • df -hl gives you disk usage by file system
  • cat /proc/cpuinfo gives you details about your cpu
  • laptop-detect -v gives you a very funny output: We’re a laptop (ACPI batteries found)
  • lsb_release -a will tell you the current release of your linux distro

Written by azimout

30/04/2008 at 09:31

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