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iPhone 3GS

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iPod Touch 1Gen specs:

  • 8gb divided into two partitions, the 1st (300MB) mounted as /, containing the OS, and the 2nd mounted as /private/var
  • arm11 at 412MHz, 128 MB ram, 3.5″ color multi-touch lcd at 480×320
  • the underlying os is (like MacOS X) freebsd-based, the firmware is 2.0.1 (upgraded to 3.1, Apple won’t let me go to 4.x)

iPhone 3GS differences from the iPod Touch:

  • Bluetooth
  • Camera (3MPixel)
  • faster: ARM Cortex-A8 833 MHz underclocked to 600 MHz, 256 MB DRAM, PowerVR SGX GPU
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on the screen
  • proximity sensor
  • it comes with Baseband 3.0 (upgraded to 4.1, can’t be bothered to go to 4.2)

BTW, I found it rather stupid that you need iTunes to activate (“unbrick”) your iPhone… What if I don’t have a computer?

useful sites:

Software installed from Apple Store

Comms: Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, LinkedIn

Reference: Wikipanion, Google App, WorldWiki, several dictionaries, IMDb

Productivity: Toodledo, Dropbox, QuickOffice, MobileRSS, Xmarks

Navigation: GPSLite, Navigon

Software installed from Cydia: OpenSSH*, MxTube, dTunes, Installous, Terminal

* Ssh into the phone using default username (mobile) and password (alpine) and change the password IMMEDIATELY.


  • Push sync with Google Gmail, Contacts and Calendar (as described here). Note that by default it syncs only your default calendar; you need to visit in MobileSafari, set your language to English, to enable additional calendars syncing.
  • You can connect to the itouch over wifi through ssh, just use nautilus to mount it. it helps if you assign a static ip to the itouch in dhcp on your router, so you can bookmark it in nautilus…
  • Shell type: bash (configuration: /etc/profile)
  • Add yourself to /etc/sudoers
  • Change your prompt:
export PS1='\e[32;1m\u@\h\e[00m:\e[34;1m\w\e[00m$ '
  • Advanced ls output:


alias ls='ls -FhlX --color=auto'
  • More doesn’t seem to work (/bin/more: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable)
  • Some more customizations in /etc/profile.d: and

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14/07/2009 at 07:33

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